About Us

The Tangaré foundation is an Ecuadorian non-governmental, non-profit organization. It was legally established 26th January 2009 by Ministerial Agreement No. 003 through the Ministry of the Environment, published in the Official Record No. 539 on 3rd March 2009. 

Mission statement 

To promote and strengthen an alternative and innovative model of development in Ecuador, with the main emphasis on sustainability and environmental conservation in the Tropical Andes and the Choco bio-regions.  We aim to help encourage economically viable alternatives to current practices that are environmental friendly. This will be achieved through a combination of sustainable agriculture, research, natural resources management, and environmental education.


Our Work

The work of the Foundation is largely centered on identifying the key players within the local communities around our operating region (consisting of the provinces of Pichincha, Santo Domingo and Cotopaxi) who concern themselves with sustainable development and environmental conservation. 

With the technical knowledge and financial backing it receives, the Tangaré Foundation supports innovative proposals that promote new methods of sustainable development.