Scientific Research

One of the best ways to achieve conservation goals is by turning science and research into action. We consider that in order to design conservation strategies to protect ecosystems and their biodiversity we first need to understand the ecology and dynamics of the species and how human actions could alter their equilibrium and welfare.


Research in La Hesperia


Fundacion Tangare is supporting scientific projects that aim to build a base line of the species present in the cloud forest in the Biological Reserve ¨La Hesperia located in the southwestern region of the Ecuadorian Andes. Currently we are working on pilot studies such as:


Comparative study on butterfly species composition within disturbed open areas and preserved cloud    forest.


Use of bioacoustics to monitor presence and behaviour of amphibians and birds.


Scientific collaboration with Academic Institutions to investigate the reproductive modes and life history of different vertebrate and invertebrate species of the cloud forest.


Monitoring of mammals through the application of techniques such as footprint and traces tracking and camera trapping.



Economic valuation of the ecosystem services provided by the conservation of the cloud forest and alternative environmental friendly activities for sustainable development.