The Tangaré Foundation provides many opportunities for volunteer work. These volunteer programs focus on the 3 areas of sustainability of economical, social and environmental development. In addition, it includes concentration on the conservation of tropical forest and conducting research projects. It collaborates with its partners in many ways and runs a successful volunteer program.  We are currently working on expanding our field to send volunteers across Ecuador. Here are the organizations, we send our volunteers:

La Hesperia Biological Reserve Station

La Hesperia is a nature reserve station located in the western range of the Andes at an altitude of 1100 to 2040 meters above sea level. It is part of two important bioregions: The Tropical Andes and the Chocó Darien Western Ecuador, considered within the top five biodiversity hotspots on earth. The station works in natural conservation, combating deforestation, protecting existing forest, restoring degraded areas and searching for sustainable activities that enable us to support the reserve and to offer a better way of life for the local community as well as those who work and live at the reserve. (More Information)

Lalo Loor

Lalo Loor is an unique biological reserve that protect 250 hectares of tropical deciduous forest. It is located in a transitional area that covers both wet and dry forest. This develops a high diversity of species found within the reserve. The major objective of Lalo Loor are conservation, environment education, developing community tourism, reforestation and the connection of a biological corridor to the species of the Lalo Loor. (For more information, please contact us)

Travelling Volunteering Learning Program

La Hesperia's TVL is an introductory program to features of life in rural Ecuador. This is an opportunity to learn and experience firsthand about conservation efforts and sustainable development, in addition to the ecology and wildlife of the cloud forest. At La Hesperia, individuals will participate in 2 weeks of activities in observing, working, hiking and gaining knowledge about the forest and the importance of conservation. Furthermore, you will be giving a chance to experience the culture and traditions of Ecuador by visiting a indigenous community. During this time individuals will be able to enjoy the natural beauty and the rich traditions of Ecuador.

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Below is a List of brief description on the activities carried out during your 2 week stay.

Week 1

  • A scenic hike through the cloud forest and learning about the biodiversity and ecology
  • Learning of the Reforestation Project
  • Machete lesson
  • Make chocolate
  • Visit the indigenous Tsachila community

Week 2

  • Eco-construction Workshop
  • Bird watching
  • Educational activities with El Centro Educativo La Hesperia's children
  • Learn about sustainable gardening
  • Prepare bio-food like coffee, cheese, etc.
  • Camping in the cloud forest

The Volunteer program consists of many different activities such as teaching, material production, garden and nursery care and construction. For more information about this program contact us. 

Here are some testimonials from previous volunteers about their volunteering experiences!